Fayetteville, Ark., Annual Tree Giveaway

Wednesday, October 11 at 02:00 PM
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Arvest is once again partnering with the City of Fayetteville for their annual Celebration of Trees on Saturday, October 28th, at 7:00 a.m. Mayor Lioneld Jordan, the City of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department, and the City of Fayetteville Urban Forestry Advisory Board will be giving out FREE trees and shrubs to City residents. The 19th annual tree giveaway, locally recognizing Arbor Day, will be held on the Arvest Bank Plaza on the Northeast corner of Fayetteville’s Historic Downtown Square. The event is held annually with the goal of helping to grow the urban forest. Adults should be prepared to show proof of their City residency before selecting a tree or shrub. 
The Celebration of Trees is a one day event, but growing a tree is a sustained endeavor that positively impacts the urban forest in Fayetteville for years into the future. 
Date: Saturday, October 28 
Time: 7:00 a.m. until supplies are exhausted 
Location: Arvest Bank Plaza on Center Street on the Downtown Historic Square
Quantities: Limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Limit (2) plants per adult Fayetteville resident that is present at the event. 
Trees available this year will include: 
  • American Hornbeam – Carpinus caroliniana 
  • Arrowood Viburnum – Viburnum dentatum 
  • Carolina Buckthorn – Rhamnus caroliniana 
  • Eagleston Holly – Ilex x attenuatta 
  • Paw Paw – Asimina triloba 
  • Pecan – Carya illinoinensis 
  • Persimmon – Diospyros virginiana 
  • Redbud – Cercis canadensis 
  • Rusty Viburnum – Viburnum rufidulum 
  • White Oak – Quercus alba 
  • Willow Oak – Quercus phellos 
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Arvest Bank Promotes Davis to Vice President

Monday, October 09 at 01:00 PM
Category: Arvest Community News
Arvest Bank is pleased to announce that Andy Davis has been promoted to vice president, commercial banker for the Fayetteville market.
Davis, who has eight years of experience with Arvest Bank, has held a variety of roles, including consumer and commercial loan assistant, and a credit analyst. Most of his time has been spent working as a credit analyst and commercial banker. As a commercial banker, Davis generates, evaluates and approves commercial loans, among other duties.
“Andy is a true asset to our team in Fayetteville,” said Ladd Lanier, commercial loan manager for Arvest in Fayetteville. “His effort and enthusiasm is evident every day, and he prides himself on going the extra mile for his clients. This promotion to vice president is well-deserved and we look forward to even better things from Andy in the future.”
Davis earned a bachelor’s degree in business management – with a focus in organizational leadership – at the University of Arkansas. A Bentonville native, Davis lives in Fayetteville with his wife and daughter. He is the current president-elect for the Northside Fayetteville Rotary Club and treasurer of the advisory board for the Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas, among other civic activities.
About Arvest 
Arvest Bank, named by Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Best Large Employers” for 2017, operates more than 250 bank branches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas through a group of 16 locally managed banks, each with its own board and management team. These banks serve customers in more than 120 communities, with extended weekday banking hours at many locations. Arvest also provides a wide range of banking services including loans, deposits, treasury management, credit cards, mortgage loans and mortgage servicing. Arvest is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC.
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Crafty Youngins’ Create Hope – People Helping People Series

Friday, August 11 at 02:00 PM
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“As a parent, I don’t know if there’s anything better than watching your kids become better than you are,” said Robin Young, the mother of three children who are dedicated to helping their community. “I don’t really remember a time where the kids weren’t interested in giving back to others.”

Robin’s children are entrepreneurs who give back to their community.

According to the middle “Youngin’” Tristan, this all started back in April 2016. They create a variety of products like bags, canvases, prints and wooden artworks.

 “We wanted to help others who weren’t as fortunate as we are,” Tristan said.
The Young kids feature one charity per month and give back 12 percent.

 “We’ve been in business for about two years now and we’ve given about $1,000,” the oldest, Caleb said.

“The products are mostly a group effort,” Caleb said. “We’ll all think up an idea and my dad and I will work on the designs.”

The kids’ dad, Bryan, owns a sign and graphics digital printing company, according to Robin. The shop allows the kids to print canvas, make note cards and vinyl prints.

“I’m grateful for my parents because without them we might not be able to own a business,” Tristan said. “Our dad teaches us how to do things and our mom comes up with the ideas.”

The youngest “Youngin’” is Alyssa and she believes they can make a difference in the world. “We see the need to help other people because we don’t want them to be hurt or left alone,” Alyssa said.

Caleb said what keeps them motivated is knowing they are helping people who are abused or scared. They help charities like the Children’s Safety Center.

“It’s so great to see the Young family out in the community helping others,” said Emily Fisher, Children’s Safety Center development director. “It’s all about kids helping kids and it’s just a really neat way to give back and they’re also learning business skills at the same time.”

According to Alyssa, the siblings rely on each other for help. “We’re very supportive of each other so if one needs help, the other two will help them,” Alyssa said. For Robin, having the children run their own business has allowed her to teach them things they would not normally know. She said she teaches them that they can be part of the solution or part of the problem.

“You know they just believe that they really can make a difference. And they are determined to be part of the solution,” Robin said.

Watch* the Young family in action.

The Young family’s story is part of Arvest Bank’s People Helping People series featuring citizens giving back to their community.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for videos highlighting the good works of dedicated citizens in the communities Arvest Bank serves.

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Shop for a Cause on May 25 in Fayetteville, Ark.

Tuesday, May 23 at 06:50 AM
Category: Arvest Community News
Love, Hope & Cure Designs will be holding a Shop For A Cause day on May 25 with 10 percent of their sales going to 1 Million Meals. They are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are located at 2820 E. Millennium in Fayetteville, Ark.

Love, Hope & Cure was founded by Cindy Johnson with the intention of giving back to the community and helping those in need. They offer t-shirts from Southern Trends, jewelry, purses, scarves, candles, fun beverage glasses and much more!

Cindy shares the Love, Hope & Cure story …
Our story begins the day God blessed us with the birth of our first baby, a beautiful baby girl we named Evie. Under most circumstances this first sentence would suggest the beginning of a normal, healthy life for a child who is loved and for whom there are many hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Within days, Evie’s whole body began to shake. This turned into many trips to hospitals. Actually as I look back, hospital visits and long stays across the country became second nature to us. Our focus then was a diagnosis. We searched hard! 
It took us 22 years to find out our angel had CDKL5. It is a very rare disease. Please visit shemadeadifference.org* to know about CDKL5. Awareness is a big part of our mission. Although Evie cannot move without supervision, she is the light of our life. And even though she cannot talk, her gentle spirit, soft in nature shines the light of beauty wherever she is.  
We were desperate parents. If you’ve ever had a child and you’ve tried everything to help them without success – you know what crazy is. We spent most of our lives trying to find a diagnosis and even just how to help her. We traveled the country, read, studied and loved – that was all we knew how to do. Twenty-two years later we found her diagnosis; there was no cure.  
What we learned from Evie. Through it all – the needles, the seizures, the trips, the noise, the siblings, the lack of sleep, the help, the diapers, the feeding tube, the surgeries, and the list goes on – we focused on trying so hard to solve all the problems. One day we realized we had succeeded at one thing – we loved.  
I remember looking at Evie, and asking God – what do we do? And I knew then – what was important was to focus on her beauty. Evie is a beautiful girl, but we mean her inside beauty which has triumphed over clumsy parents, desperate parents and searching parents. Her inside beauty finally allowed us to realize we were doing everything we could. We could finally crawl into bed at night and know that she knows we get it – because she smiles.  
Love, Hope & Cure Designs – what is it and why bling and beauty? Evie taught us about beauty; she taught us how to love without condition. We know surface beauty is just that, but we also know that there are many who suffer, whether it is an individual with a disability, an injured soldier, a child battling cancer, a couple who has tried everything to have a child, an individual taking care of their parent with Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on and on. 
So many individuals have different issues, different situations and different causes that need our support. Their issues can cause them to just feel a little defeated. They might just need a little hug from a scarf, a little bling to lift their spirits, or a sweet gift from a friend to carry them through the rough time. Or, you might be buying pretties. We wanted to find a way that people could buy bling and beauty or a sweet gift and in doing so pass on the greatest gift of hope a person could give – a blessing in honoring their cause.  Love, Hope & Cure Designs is a boutique for a cause! We reach out to you for support. Please help us honor Evie and the thousands like her, who un-selfishly serve in ways they never thought possible.   
Giving back is the reason Love, Hope & Cure was founded and 1 Million Meals is just one of many local initiatives they donate to.   

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.  

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Jennings Named Rural Missouri Inc. Member

Monday, May 01 at 05:30 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Arvest loan manager in Fayetteville, Ark. is an active small business proponent.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arvest Bank’s Eileen Jennings has been named a member of Rural Missouri Inc. (RMI).

RMI is a community development corporation based in Jefferson City, Mo., that has announced plans to partner with banks in 10 Arkansas counties to provide SBA 504 loans. The 504 program offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration provides financing for major fixed assets such as equipment and real estate.

RMI has delivered SBA 504 loans for more than 30 years, leveraging more than $1.7 billion in financing and creating more than 19,000 jobs, according to the company.

Jennings was elected at RMI’s annual membership meeting April 27-28. Additionally, she will serve on RMI’s Jefferson City, Mo. Loan Review Committee.

Jennings is a senior vice president and area loan manager for Arvest in Fayetteville. She began her career at Arvest in 2004 and has held numerous positions. In addition to launching an internal education effort aimed at helping bankers better understand commercial customers, Jennings was named the 2016 Commercial Banker of the Year by the Central Arkansas Chapter of The Risk Management Association. She also is a board member for Northwest Arkansas Land Trust.

Eileen is a true champion for small businesses. Her commitment to seeing them succeed is remarkable, and she will do a fantastic job for Rural Missouri Inc.

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Q&A with Jimmie Conduff with LifeSource for 1 Million Meals

Tuesday, April 25 at 06:15 AM
Category: Arvest Community News
We are thrilled to be partnering with LifeSource International* for our seventh annual 1 Million Meals initiative to raise one million meals for local hungry children, the elderly and others. LifeSource has been serving people throughout Northwest Arkansas for 15 years.

To learn more about the organization, we caught up with Jimmie Conduff, executive director of LifeSource, who is dedicated to strengthening the community by providing customized assistance to families in need.

What’s your involvement with LifeSource, and how did you get started?
In 2002, Ernie Conduff founded LifeSource International. Jimmie’s passion for helping others has been his foundation since the conception of LifeSource. He shares his passion for helping others and the community with his father who recently stepped down as executive director just over a year ago. As the new executive director, Jimmie manages the day-to-day operations and programs which include: a food and clothing pantry, senior lunches twice a month, monthly community outreach meal, free year-round program of quality care for children from kindergarten through high school, counseling and adult education classes.
What’s a compelling experience you’ve had during your time with LifeSource?
“I LOVE the work I do because compelling experiences are almost the norm. Seeing children who are struggling in school catch up with their peers and at times exceed them is enormously gratifying,” said Conduff. “I enjoy working with the many volunteers who come to help their neighbors in need.” 
Students from the University of Arkansas volunteer regularly to tutor students after school. People from all ages and backgrounds show up to stock the pantry, clean the kitchen, sort through donations and help with a myriad of other jobs. 

“They do whatever we ask, willingly and with great spirit and heart. I’ve been touched more than once to see a person who was a child in our Kid’s Life program show up as an adult, wanting to volunteer and give back. I have found that being able to give to others is indeed a gift to our own hearts and souls,” Conduff said in regard to his love and passion of helping others.

How can people get involved with the LifeSource?
LifeSource can always utilize volunteers if you have a passion for helping others and would like to get involved and give back to the community. Throughout the year LifeSource has fundraisers that offer unique opportunities to get involved that include Empty Bowls, Canned Food Camp Out and the annual LifeSource gala. Extra hands are always welcome to assist with tutoring, resume preparation, budgeting, serving lunches, sorting donations and helping during fundraising events. And of course, monetary donations are always welcome.

We’d love to have you involved in our 1 Million Meals initiative to help LifeSource International* and our other food partners.  

Four Easy Ways to Donate:
  • Donate via Phone – Customers can make a $1 (or more) donation by calling (866) 952-9523. Funds will be drawn directly from your Arvest account.
  • Donate via Mail – Mail a check to Arvest Bank Operations, ATTN: 1MM, P.O. Box 799, Lowell, AR 72745. Include 1 Million Meals in the memo line of the check.
  • Donate in a Branch – Stop by your local Arvest Bank branch. Cash and check contributions accepted.
  • Donate Arvest Flex Rewards™ – Customers can redeem points for a 1 Million Meals donation. Log in at arvestflexrewards.com, and click on the banner for 1 Million Meals to get started!
We’ll Donate $1 Each Time You:
  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Like or share our 1 Million Meals Facebook posts.
  • Retweet our 1 Million Meals tweets on Twitter on April 21 and May 10.

Links marked with * go to a third-party site not operated or endorsed by Arvest Bank, an FDIC-insured institution.    

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